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Sanitation / Health

When it comes to the health and safety of our clients we take every step necessary to provide clean and safe services. Sanitation and client safety is our top priority here at Nail Bar and Hair Extensions which is why we take pride in knowing that every client will have a new package of sterilized and disposable tools along with one-time use, disposable towels for a clean environment and workplace. Once the session is completed our clients have the option of keeping their one-time use, disposable nail file and cuticle pusher or if we should simply throw them in the trash. Our spa takes pleasure in knowing our clients will be provided with clean service along with a clear and worry-free mind as we only maintain the strictest health standards. We are a group of well trained and experienced nail technicians. We provide superior and quality products, satisfaction guaranteed service. We aim to provide a relaxing environment and a friendly atmosphere for our clients.  


- We never double dip

-We provide each client with a one-time use disposable bedding sheet 

-We use hospital-grade disinfectants on our tools, supplies, and instruments 


-Our mani-pedi services include single-use items including disposable nail files, nail buffers, cuticle pushers, pumice stones, foot files, and disposable towels. 

-We use hospital-grade disinfectants on our tools, supplies, and instruments 

Questions & Answers

Why do we have disposable tools? 

-We provide every client with a new package of sterilized and disposable tools. We do this to ensure the safety of every client and provide clean service without the worry of catching any unwanted symptoms. 

Why are our tools in sterilized pouches? 

Once we have gone through the sanitation and sterilizing process we package our tools into sterilized pouches with a new nail file and cuticle pusher each time. When doing this we are able to provide fast, clean and worry-free service for each client. 

Why do we have disposable towels? 

Our spa has invested in disposable towels to ensure the client's safety in every way. 

Our spa follows health guidelines thoroughly, we care for the health and well-being of every client and want everyone to feel happy and relaxed knowing their being provided with clean service. 

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