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Our Services 

We offer a wide range of services such as beautiful and unique Manicures and Pedicures, along with waxing, facials, foot masks , cucumber facial masks and even Eyebrow Tinting!

We Sell

-We sell 100% A Grade Premium Luxurious Hair Extensions that have been individually styled and coloured. These full volume human hair extensions cannot be found anywhere else and gives you full volume and length in just minutes! You're able to also use all hot styling tools as you please! 

-We also sell beautiful unique italian silver jewellery with Swarovski crystals and our one of a kind Swarovski crystals shoes and clutches!

-Not to mention our human hair eye lashes! Our beautiful human hair eye lashes not only gives you full length and complete your look, they also last up to many reusable months! 


Our Specials​

-Mani & Pedi with hot stone massage for women 

-Mani & Pedi with hot stone massage for men 

-Power Nap Station! ( Our power nap station includes an express pedicure for people that are on the go! along with one of our refreshing and cooling cucumber facial masks or cucumber eye patches! all while taking a relaxing power nap!)

-Express Manicures

-Express pedicures 

-ICE Mineral Foot Masks

-Paraffin Wax Hand Treatment

-Full Face Waxing

-Eyebrow Tinting


Facial Services

Transform your face with a relaxing facial. We use the latest products to help restore your natural skin and help you get that natural glow! 

Retexturing Mask with Rose Clay Facial and Rose Water Facial Mist :

Our brightening and tightening rose clay facial helps brighten and balance out the skin while giving moisture to the face, not to mention is helps tighten up troubled areas! This facial also comes with a warm towel treatment to help restore the natural balance of the face. We finish it off with our wonderful rose water extract to give you a boost of energy!   

Activated Charcoal Facial  :  

Our Wonderful and deep cleaning facial opens the pores and cleans out any blackheads and dead skin residue you may have and it leaves you feeling exfoliated and refreshed! We then wrap the face with our warm towel treatment to give the face time to balance and to feel refreshed. Using our rose water extract facial mist to balance and refresh the face will give you the perfect glow and boost of energy to get going with your day! We target areas that have the most tension and provide a deep and relaxing massage throughout the face and the neck. 

Collagen Facial: 

Our youthful collagen facial helps reduce the look of wrinkles and helps moisturize the skin and give you a natural glow!. We massage the face and work our way to the neck with our vitamin C facial scrub. And our smooth and silky Almond mask that restores the face from any redness, we after follow it up with our rose clay mask to help brighten and tighten the face! We after wrap the face with our warm towel treatment to give the face time to balance and to feel refreshed, we lastly tone the face with our collagen toner and collagen facial cream to moisturize along with our collagen under eye patch cream!

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Waxing Services

Our Esthetician will prep and cleans the area thats being waxed, examine your skin, trim any hairs and wax the necessary areas! After the process is complete we apply cooling gel to calm the skin.

Face Waxing

-Full Face Waxing 

-Eyebrow Waxing 

-Upper lip Waxing 

-Chin Waxing 

-Neck Waxing 

-Side Burn Waxing

-Fingers & Toes Waxing 

Body Waxing 

-Under Arm Waxing 

-Half Arm Waxing 

-Full Arm Waxing 

-Half Leg Waxing 

-Full Leg Waxing 

-Lower Back Waxing 

-Full Back Waxing 

-Full Chest Waxing (Men & Women) 

-Half Chest waxing (Men) 

-Bikini Line Waxing 

-Full Legs & Bikini Waxing 

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Nail services 

Our Luxurious Spa Manicure includes a warm hand soak, and an arm massage that helps circulate the blood flow. We offer the latest trends such as chrome nails that gives you the classic touch! This package also consists of shaping the nails, cuticle care, buffing and also your choice of one of our long lasting nail polishes! And for guaranteed long lasting nails try out our shellac polishes!

Our Luxurious Spa Pedicure includes the best foot treatment and all in the relaxation of our massaging pedicure chair! This package includes a warm foot soak in our whirlpool foot bath with a wondeful peppermint foot scrub! We provide detailed nail shaping, foot filing, cuticle care and your choice of one of our long lasting nail polishes! And one of our best hot stone leg massages!

-Express Manicures on the go!

-Clean up Manicures

- Shellac Manicures

-Chrome manicure on Natural Nails

-The Rose Petal Manicure

This rose themed Manicure package consists of nail shaping, rose hand scrub to get rid of the dead skin on the surface along with dry patches and leaves your hands feeling smooth! We provide cuticle care, nail shaping, and our recovery rose hand cream for suffering dry skin and our rose body shimmer oil to lock in all the moisture and we finish it off with our signature rosy C&E London nail polish selection!

-Express Pedicures on the go!

-Luxurious spa pedicure

-Shellac Pedicure

-Shellac Removal

-Chrome add on

-Loose Sparkles 


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100% A Grade Premium Human Hair Extensions

We sell beautiful 100% A Grade Premium luxurious Human Hair  clip in Extensions! These clip ins are produced in a variety of natural colours that will blend perfectly with your own hair! Clip In extensions are temporary extensions that simply clip onto your own natural hair. There are many advantages to using clip in extensions especially human hair extensions, such as having the option to play around with different colours! You're able to experiment with different styles and looks, not to mention clip ins are washable and your can take them out whenever you please! 

We offer two unique luxurious types of hair extensions that no other salons carry! We have designed and selected specific colours for each individual hair to perfection for the comfort of our clients. Thats why have chosen natural colours that easily blend with your own natural hair! One of the type of hairs we offer is the ponytail extensions and a three row attachment hair extensions. 

Ponytail Hair Extensions 

You simply put your hair in a high or half ponytail, then you place in the ponytail clip ins and wrap the ponytail around your own hair. This gives you full volume and length in just minutes! You're also able to use all hot styling tools as you please. 

Three Row Attachment Hair Extensions

The three row attachment clip ins are three hair extensions sewed into one piece! This gives you full volume and length! It looks and feels like your own natural hair! You're also able to use all hot styling tools as you please.  


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Unique Italian Silver


One of a kind crystal shoes and clutches with Swarovski Crystals

-We offer One of a kind unique italian silver jewellery with Swarovski crystals imported from Italy! along with our beautiful clutches and shoes with Swarovski crystals!   


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Kids Services

Kids Manicure

-The kids manicures consists of shaping of the nails and their choice of one of our long lasting polihes!

Kids Pedicures 

-The kids Pedicures consists of a foot soak in our whirlpool massage chairs! with a wonderful peppermint scrub,  heal scrubbing, nail filing and their choice of our long lasting nail polishes! 

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Other Services

- Peach scented paraffin wax hand treatment! 

-This is a five layer wax that will help get rid of dead and dry skin and cracked palms as well it leaves your hands feeling silky smooth and with a wonderful smell of peaches!

ICE Mineral Foot Mask

-Our ICE Mineral foot mask is a cooling mask that helps remove dead skin and roughness on the deals! This is a wonderful service to get done while getting a pedicure to assure smooth looking heals!    

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